Welded Tanks

Westank specializes in the fabrication, shipment and installation of shop-welded tanks. Our facility is equipped with the most modern machinery designed to fabricate your shop-welded tank to the highest quality standards.

Shop-welded tanks are designed, custom-fabricated in our facility and shipped to the field as one-piece construction. shop-welded tanks are utilized, field installation time frames can be greatly reduced. Shop-welded tank sizes range up to 5m in diameter, with single-piece shipments up to 16m in height. Welded tanks can be designed to meet ASME, AWWA D100, API (American Petroleum Institute) 650 and 12F.

Location and Shipping
Our centralized location in United Arab Emirates allows us to ship shop welded tanks throughout the Middle East, Asia & Africa region with ease and in a cost-effective manner. Shop-welded tanks are loaded on special, low-profile trailers for shipment.

Additional products include:

Tank insulation,
Auxiliary equipment( Level indicators, Weighing equipment, pressure gauges etc.)
Hopper bottoms,
Control valves, slide gates,
Support structures.

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